The Global Mission Care Center (GMCC) is being developed in stages.

The first stage is the Sparrow’s Home of Hope. It is a small home for a widow and orphans that now has a grandmother and her three grandchildren living there.

The second stage for the center is to build a large complex that will be able to house 50 orphans and widows. It will have classrooms and facilities to conduct the many vocational training courses offered by Divine Holistic Ministries.

The cost to start the footings of the building is $6,000 “USD”. The total cost of the GMCC building is $63,000 “UDS”.

There is land for growing crops for agronomy education and for sustaining the ministry.  There is a shelter for the goats and a cow that are used by the ministry for education, milk, and meat.

Divine Fellowship Church of Butema meets weekly on the property of the GMCC under a shelter that will be converted into a chicken house once a church building is built.  The chickens raised will be for education, meat, and eggs for the ministry.

A Divine Pre-school and Daycare facility is also planned for this location.

You can help change the future for impoverished and marginalized people through your donation.




Vocational Training (Life skills) and Hands on, Self-help projects. (IGP’s)

  • Tailoring and Design
  • Introduction to Computer Operation
  • Preschool Education-day care center
  • Hospitality- Hotel
  • Leadership
  • Animal Husbandry- cattle, goats, chickens
  • Agronomy- maize, beans, cassava, ground nuts
  • Engine Repair
  • Church Building
  • Office Administration
  • Book Keeping
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Adult Literacy


Church Ministry- Church to church partnership, equipping and transforming society. Creating home fellowships. Church planting.