Divine Holistic Ministries, Uganda


The Butema Divine Pre-school opened in February 2018, on the Global Mission Care Center property in Butema. An average of 40 children daily is fed one meal, taught and loved on.  Many of the children have special needs that the government schools are unable to accommodate.

The classes are meeting in the Butema Divine Church shelter. The building is not up to government standards but is in full operation.

More updates need to be made to the property to be to standards.

The community of Butema is 65% Muslim. They have requested Divine Holistic Ministries build a pre-school. When asked if there is tension between the Christian and Muslim people, Pastor Fred said, “We just love them.” The love of God is making a difference in this community and Divine Holistic Ministries is fulfilling the call.

The estimated cost of building the daycare is:

1st Phase: Plans, permits, government approval, land preparation, and building the foundation; Estimated budget of $3,500.00 USD

2nd Phase: Purchase bricks, doors, and window and build on the foundation; Estimated budget of $2,500.00 USD

3rd Phase: Paint and plaster on walls, tables, and teaching materials; Estimated budget of $1,600.00 USD


1 John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.



Divine Pre-School and Day Care in Maligita 

This pre-school is opened.  The ministry is renting a building for $100 a month. Funds are needed for rent and staff.



Prayer Points:

URGENT: Due to the Ugandan government shut down for COVID 19 precautions, many are not allowed to work, food is difficult to purchase, prices have increased 3 fold making it difficult if not impossible for the poor to feed their families, transportation has been halted, and schools are closed. Divine Holistic Ministries feeds approximately 200 people daily. Children that attend the 3 Divine Preschool and Daycares receive one meal a day, which might be the only one they have. Locust have decimated many farms. Thus, many are going hungry. Please designate the ” Feed the Hungry” fund on the Donate Page.


1. We need Gods’ wisdom as we run the ministry

2. Need for the staff volunteers, both long and short-term

3. Need for 4 Computers – $4000, for use in vocational training and ministry administration

4. Need for upgrading the sound system for the outreaches ministries and Church – $3500

5. Pray for God’s provision for the needy and 200 orphans, school fees, and other requirements

6. Get building the Pre-School in Butema up to government standards at the Global Mission Care Center/Sparrow’s Home of Hope property


Old building

New Building

The first phase of a small house (Sparrow’s Home of Hope) is done.

7. Need $63,000 USD to build the complex block and furnish the equipment needed to run the Global Missions Care Center.

8. Pray for the Divine Fellowship Church in Njeru and Butema for God’s wisdom and provision!

9. Pray for Divine Home of Hope. The cost of a child living at the home is higher because DHM supplies all the needs of the child.

10. Divine Holistic Ministry currently runs totally on Solar Power and a small gas generator. It is the ministry’s desire to have electricity for the DHM campus. There is a cost to having the power lines and poles brought to the site and then the monthly bill for the usage. Please Pray for God’s provision. UPDATE: DHM now has electricity. Praise the Lord! Pray for funds to pay the Electric Bill.

11. The ministry would also like to have a well dug on the DHM campus. There has already been a survey of the land and there is water. The cost of having a well dug is estimated to be $10,000.00 USD. Pray that we can get ministries involved to help with the cost.

2020 UPDATE: DHM now has running water and flush toilets! Praise God for his provisions!