Luke 2:52

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Divine Holistic Ministries’ approach is holistic- caring for the physical, spiritual, emotional and social welfare of impoverished peoples. We use the principles from Luke 2:52 to treat the whole person with educational opportunities, spiritual training, group activities and assisting in their heath and well being through nutrition and medical care.

                                  Meet Fred

Fred was a youth pastor at his church and has always had a heart for children and youth. He worked full-time as an electrical engineer at the hydroelectric power plant as a foreman in charge of keeping the turbine intake filters clean of debris, snakes, fish, and even dead bodies.

During an emergency procedure at the plant, Fred was electrocuted and presumed dead. Because the power company was owned by an Italian firm, they were required to send Fred’s body to the hospital to get a cause of death certificate. As a formality, Fred was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. On the way to the hospital, they found a slight pulse.  Fred made a miraculous recovery after 3 months of hospitalization in critical care. Due to this tragedy and near death experience, God made a way for Fred to fulfill his dream to go to Bible school through training at a Youth with a Mission (YWAM) training camp with the compensation from his employer.

God has given Fred a big vision for Divine Holistic Ministries- caring for orphans, widows, youth, women, and men in meeting their needs spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Fred is the minister of Divine Fellowship in Njeru and has planted several other churches including one in the 75% Muslim village Butema.

                             Meet Judith

Judith is Rwandan. She witnessed the atrocities of the Rwandan genocide that killed most of her relatives. When Judith was 12 years old her mom died.  She grew up in a grass hut. As a child, her hut burned and all she had to wear was a bed sheet.

Judith has a heart for women and children because of the suffering she has lived through and the suffering she has witnessed in others.

Because of her passion for leading women to a better life through a relationship with Christ, she started a support group for women called Women of Hope . There are now twelve groups in two countries that meet weekly. Around 1000 women come together to learn of God and the sacrifice that Jesus has made for them. They learn of their worth in God’s eyes and how to support one another. Many of the women are HIV positive and have difficulty with discrimination in the village, causing it to be difficult to work to feed their families. Since participating in the WOH groups, many women now have gone through vocational training and can now work to supply the needs of their families.

Fred and Judith Kiwanuka have four children- Joyce, Frank, Joanna, and Francis. They all are active in their father’s church and ministries serving in many capacities.